My Predictions for the End of Game of Thrones

With season 7 of Game of Thrones premiering, the endgame of all of these characters’ fates is officially in sight. This season is going to be laying the groundwork for what this epic’s creators, George R. R. Martin, David Benioff, and D. B. Weiss, want this whole grand tale to conclude with. So with that in mind, I thought I would list some of the characters who I feel have been descending or ascending towards their final fates for a while now.


Bran has been taken out of the literal and metaphorical game of thrones. As the three-eyed raven, his concern is no longer with the petty political squabbles of men but with the magical realm. This next season, he will reveal to Jon his parental origins but ultimately cannot take sides within the kingdoms. He will outlive all of these characters and become a mystical leader of sorts in his own right who will play a major role in defeating the White Walkers. After Hoder’s painful self-sacrificing death, it is fated that Bran must see those he loves being killed as he goes on to higher purposes. His destiny is far greater than the characters still playing the game of thrones, such a character as…


Petyr has been one of the most long-term thinking and clever players out of all of these characters. But he has also been one of the most blind. He genuinely thinks he can get Sansa to fall in love with him and that nativity will be his downfall. His Sansa blind spot will lead him to make one careless, foolish move. Or maybe in a shocking conclusion, he will kill Sansa in a fit of passionate rage. Either way Peter will not be able to outsmart this bone-deep infatuation with…


Now of all of the characters, Sansa was not the one I would have expected to survive this long. And yet with enormous luck, captivating beauty, Stark perseverance, and a growing capacity for survival, she has persisted. But while I think Sansa has developed a deep rage and desire for control, at the heart of the character, I don’t think she truly wants to lead nor would her greatest qualities be aroused through leadership. From the trailers for this season, the show runners have made it clear that Sansa will be a central, formidable character. However her need to be a leader does not come from an ambitious place but from a deep fear of persecution. In the end, this instinct will not provide her with a throne and if she receives mercy from her creators, she will be able to live a quiet, peaceful life away from the wars of men. Or her luck could run out and someone else’s evil act will result in her extinction. Though I think her death would be a wasted shame for a character who has to had to continually reinvent herself after enduring so many years of relentless trauma. But whatever the case, this season is sure to bring about the reconciliation between Sansa and…


After delivering the gift to so many others, Arya is eventually going to receive the gift of death herself. Despite her confident declaration of her Stark title, she has alienated herself too far from men’s laws and will not be able to tolerate the slow, boring processes of kingdom laws. Yet she will never be able to lose that deep loyalty and love she feels for her Stark name. So, everyone’s favorite golden girl will have to accept the gift she has seen so many others receive. But not before she gives the gift to…


With the death of all three of her children, Cersei no longer has any reason to live. Even her relationship with Jaime has been long dead. I have no doubt that she will commit as much carnage as she can before going down but Arya’s years of vengeance training will finally bring about the destruction of Cersei. I have a clear picture in my head of Cersei laughing manically, like the mad king Aerys, before she is cut down. However, Arya’s self-righteous but small frame will not be able to take down…

The Mountain

Now a supernatural creature, The Mountain is nothing more than a killing machine. Therefore the only one that can kill him has to have a personal stake in it, such as The Mountain’s brother…

The Hound

I think solitude is the best word one could use to describe this character. The Hound has never really wanted to be bothered by anyone and seems like he would prosper best if others would just leave him alone. Yet despite his reclusiveness, he did form a profound bond with Arya and the killing of her will be the last straw from a man The Hound already has had a lifelong hatred of. Arya and The Hound’s fates are tied together, much like…

Jaime and Brienne

No one has understood these misunderstood souls as they have come to understand and appreciate each other. They see each other as they want to be seen and the show must have some mutual resolution to their unrealized emotions for one another. As warriors, they are going to die fighting against the White Walkers, a cause that will bind them together and show the true heroic nature of the two. A similar peace will occur between…

Daenerys and Jon

Now how this story is going to be wrapped up depends on how the creators want the whole moral of the tale to end. Is it that good guys don’t always win and sometimes the most cunning ones are also the most evil? Now this is most certainly one of the central themes of this tale and I know that more than a few good guys are to meet tragic ends. However, there has also been a stark target on the backs of those the show has deemed truly evil and irredeemable. Characters embodying true evil, most notably with Joffrey and Ramsay, have met with particularly savage endings. Visually grotesque ones that begged the viewer to take pleasure from. Despite the dark and morally ambiguous places this show has gone, at its core there is a real black and white ethics at play and the characters will eventually come together to defeat the White Walkers.

But the two most powerful players must first come together. Jon will have to first prove himself by being reborn through another death but this one of fire. After that Daenerys will not be able to deny his sacred rights to leadership. However, she will not back down from her own claim. Daenerys would only be willing to make a sacrifice if it meant greater glory for herself. It’s difficult to tell if these two will get married, as the two actors have never shared a scene together and it’s hard to tell what their chemistry will be like. But either way, Daenerys and Jon are meant to be either leaders or to die a grand death. There is no in-between.

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